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Wild Albacore, Fresh

per LB

Also known as white tuna, the wild albacore features a firm, meaty mouthfeel that gives way to a mild, fresh-tasting flavor that picky seafood eaters will appreciate, making it a staple for large get-togethers. Available fresh, never frozen, its high-fat content is carefully retained to guarantee its rich, less “fishy” taste. 

We can process the fish for you at no additional cost!

Please note during the checkout process how you would like your fish cut (skin on/off, bloodline on/off).

Disclaimer: Any cut that has the skin and/or bloodline removed will not weigh the same afterwards. Note if you purchases 1 LB your fish will weigh 1 LB prior to the removal of the skin/bloodline. 

For a larger selection of items please call us for Special Orders.