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About Us


Goldfish Seafood owner, Victor Hernandez, has always wanted to feed his local community. At 16, he ventured from his home in Michoacan, Mexico, to the United States in an effort to hone his skills in the fishing trade. After several jobs, he mastered the intricate art of tuna classification; learned how to filet a wide variety of fish and managed a lucrative tuna operation. After years of hard work, determination, and the support of his family, Victor finally achieved his American dream with the opening of Goldfish Seafood.


We believe that family is important and strive to make our customers feel like family with a staff at Goldfish Seafood that is friendly and patient, with extensive product knowledge, and 100 percent transparency. So whether you are a health fanatic, a chef, need to lower your cholesterol, or just love seafood, you will get the customer service you deserve, so you feel confident about the products you are purchasing.

Responsibly harvested seafood

At Goldfish Seafood, we believe seafood tastes better when you know it is responsibly harvested. We promise to deliver to you the finest, freshest, tastiest fish and shellfish in a way that preserves our oceans and supports our local community.

relationships you won't find at markets

Having developed relationships with fishermen and suppliers over the years, has allowed us to source fish and shellfish you won’t find at other markets.

delightful delicacies

From our buttery soft Bluefin Tuna with top-notch umami flavor, to our sought-after Ora King Salmon that’s hand-selected from the clear New Zealand waters of Te Waikoropupu, you will be delighted by the delicacies available on our menu. 

unmatched quality
& standards

We maintain the strictest freshness standards on all our seafood offerings and deliver them locally to your door within LA County. Bringing you unmatched quality you can taste and trust. This means we never sell products that don’t meet our exacting standards and, most importantly, never sell anything we wouldn’t feed our own family.


We at Goldfish Seafood are committed to doing our part to save the oceans, and we invite you to join us in this effort. Seafood is respected all over the world as an important source of protein and healthy fats. For thousands of years, people have fished to feed their families and local communities. To ensure future generations will be able to prepare seafood for their families, sustainable fishing practices have been developed to guarantee there will be populations of ocean and freshwater fish for the future.


By choosing to buy sustainable seafood, you are putting pressure on the industry’s suppliers to source more environmentally responsible products, which ultimately impacts the health of our oceans and the fishing industry as a whole.


But it’s not only about the fish and being kind to our environment. Buying fresh fish from Goldfish Seafood is also about supporting your local community. We are a family-owned seafood store and online delivery source based in Los Angeles founded by a hardworking entrepreneur.


We may be a small family business, but we are driven by a big vision for delivering the highest quality seafood from environmentally sustainable fishing practices.