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Whole Wild Pacific Sierra Mackerel, Fresh

per Whole Fish
2-4 lb

Diversify your seafood supper with our fresh Whole Wild Pacific Sierra Mackerel. Also known as the Mexican sierra, this ray-finned fish is part of the mackerel family and stands out for its delicate, mild flavor. Its texture strikes the perfect balance of firm and juicy, each bite giving way to a burst of sea flavor.

We can process the fish for you at no additional cost!

Please note during the checkout process how you would like your fish cut (clean with head on, clean with head off, cut into steaks with head on or off, filleted with skin on or off, butterflied with bone in or head off, butterflied with bone out and head on or off, etc.)

Disclaimer: Any fish sold whole will not weigh the same after it has been cut or processed. For example, a whole branzino can weigh 1.3-1.5 lbs. but if cut in fillet can weigh .60-.75 lbs (other factors like skin or off will also affect the weight).

For a larger selection of items please call us for Special Orders.